Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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The Daily Courier - Vernon Edition Sponsorship Application
The Vernon Daily Courier Sponsorship Application
We're committed to helping not for profit organizations in the North Okanagan for the betterment of our community!

Note to all applicants: Applications must be submitted at least one (1) month prior to event to be eligible for consideration.
The Vernon Daily Courier will endeavor to respond to applications within 2 weeks of submission

The Okanagan Valley Newspaper Group recognizes its role as a corporate citizen and endeavors to make available contributions to be used within an established corporate giving framework. We receive many outstanding requests for support and carefully consider every application, measuring it against the criteria listed below.

Not all criteria will apply to each request; they are listed as a means of establishing a framework within which corporate giving can be realistically accomplished. As a result no project or opportunity will be automatically eliminated because it does not neatly fit the proposed criteria.

At no time does a contribution necessarily establish a precedent for future giving by the company.

I) Corporate Giving Criteria
1) Clubs/ Organizations requesting assistance are acting in the interest of the communities of the Okanagan Valley.
2) Clubs/Organizations requesting assistance are making the community a better place for all citizens.
3) The Okanagan Valley Newspaper Group's corporate image in the community and amongst employees will be enhanced through its involvement.
4) The Okanagan Valley Newspaper Group will fulfill the obligations of corporate responsibility and good citizenship.

Download the complete form and fax to The Vernon Daily Courier Sponsorship Committee (250)260-4024.

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